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Things To Consider When Buying Shearing Machines

Posted by Admin on January, 13, 2020

Shearing is one of the four major methods among bending, rolling, and spinning that are used for the shaping of sheets. This is where shearing machines come to help. These machines are used for cutting the metal sheets into the required size and is the first step towards the fabrication of any sheet metal component. In the simplest of terms, shearing machines can be described as the machines used for cutting and shaping the alloys or metal components before their fabrication starts. There are many shearing machines manufacturers in Gujarat that are offering these machines with small scissors-like blades that can be used for the cutting of the metal components. On the other hand, there is some shearing machines supplier in Gujarat that are offering large-sized shearing machines that have blades fixed at a particular angle for large shearing action. These are called the rakes of the shearing machines. However, if you also have some plans to buy shearing machines, here are some of the things that you should definitely keep in mind.

Types Of Shearing Machines

Shearing machines can be broadly classified into a few categories and the major categories of shearing machines are hydraulic shears, mechanical shears, guillotine shears, and swing beam shears. You can find mechanical, swing beam, guillotine, and hydraulic shearing machines exporter from India who is offering these machines at a competitive price. These are the different mechanism which drive the shears in the shearing machine. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from these shearing machines and buy them as per your requirements. You can even find air/pneumatic shears, hydromechanical shears, servo-driven shears, and even manual shears in the market.

Features Of Shearing Machines

No matter what machine you are buying it is imperative that you know all its properties and features in to make full use of it. One of the features of the shearing machines that you should check is its capacity or its operating forces. This is the press load that the shearing machine would require in order to cut down the metal component for further production. The next feature that you can keep in mind when buying these shearing machines is their stroke. It is the ram travel that is connected from the TDC or top dead center to the BDC or the bottom dead center. You can also check the stroke speed which is the linear speed that the ram or the slide attains while pressing for cutting.

Specifications Of Shearing Machines

There are several specifications of the shearing machines that you should check when making a purchase. These could be the use in structural analysis, the voltage (110V is ideal), power requirement (between 1kw and 3kw) and how they are driven. Other specifications to keep in mind could be the sheet thickness and length that the machine can shear at one go. Along with this, also check the throat depth of the machine that is the main distance that is between ram’s centerline to the gap frame at the back.

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