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Everything You Need To Know About Mechanical Shearing Machines

Posted by Admin on July, 11, 2019

Metal plates are used to make different apparatus. To give that solid sheet a shape, shearing machines are used. Shearing machines are versatile devices useful in the cutting of alloys and other sheet metals.

Shearing, is also known as die cutting, is a procedure which cuts sheets without the formation of chips. Also there is no use of burning or melting the sheet. In strict technical terms, the method of “shearing” contains the usage of straight cutting blades to make sheet metal plates.

Function of shearing machines

Some machines come with a scissor-like, angular shear action to cut metal into sheets or strips. While others are larger machines that use a straight shear action with the blade static at an angle as contrasting to the angular drive. Shearing operations are executed by the act of two blades, one static in the shear bed and the other moving straight with little or no consent.

Types of shearing machines



Both these mechanical shearing machines as well as hydraulic machines can perform the shearing task.

Hydraulic shearing machines

This machine cuts and scores sheet metal quickly and accurately and works well for factories that do a lot of metal fabrication. This is also the best if the operation requires intense pressure. These don’t need a lot of maintenance, will operate incessantly, being fast and quiet.

Shears supplied by hydraulic shearing machines exporter are powered by a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic presses can produce extremely high forces to cut metals or other materials.

Mechanical shearing machines have the moving blade driven by a rotating motor through a screw, toggle, lever, or other mechanism.

Mechanical vs. hydraulic

Hydraulic shear machines take up less space than mechanical shearing machines. However, both of them apply the same amount of pressure.

Working of hydraulic shearing machines

When the metal is put into hydraulic machines, it is held by clamps so it does not shift under high pressure. To make sure that the cuts are smooth and even for a 90 degree cut, a shaping arm or back gauge is also used. While using hydraulic shears, you need to be careful of the little marks left by the cutting blades and holding clamps.

Other varieties available

Different types of shearing machines can be used to meet specific job needs.

1. Air/pneumatic shears use a pneumatic cylinder to power the crosshead and upper blade.

2. Hydromechanical shears are driven by a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor.

3. Servo driven shears are driven by a direct connection to a servo motor.

4. Manual shears are driven or powered by hand or with manual force that is magnified with screw, lever, or other mechanism.

Where to buy a variety of shearing machines?

There are numerous shearing machines manufacturers in Gujarat that offer all varieties of this machine.

There are some suppliers who provide trusted quality machines with a certification of OK tested. Following are the qualities of leading suppliers.

1. Independent documentation and shipping agency tie-up

2. Qualified team to check any faults

3. Best service within the stipulated time frame

4. Comfortable supply across the nation

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