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Chemical Usefulness And Applications Of Poly Aluminium Chloride

Posted by Admin on May, 05, 2021

oly-aluminium chloride (PAC) is an extremely efficient coagulant with the low generation of waste slurry in an extensive pH range, even at low temperatures. Just like all coagulants Poly Aluminium Chloride Powder Manufacturers make it work by extracting and then clumping together liquify colloidal and suspended matter. The resulting floc is then stuck on the filter.


The term "poly-aluminium chloride" or "PAC" denotes a category of soluble aluminum products in which aluminum chloride is made to partly react with the base. The comparative amount of OH-, to the amount of Al, decides the basicity of a specific PAC product. The chemical formula of PAC is Aln(OH)MCL(3n-m).

PAC is more expensive to produce than papermaker’s alum (aluminum sulfate). So the Poly Aluminium Chloride Powder Suppliers put special emphasis on these products. Here is what you need to note the most important differences between these two products. Solutions of PAC are not so acidic like alum. Therefore they do not tend to drop the pH of the product nearly as much as the same amount of alum can.

Another difference is that PAC is formed by Poly Aluminium Chloride Exporter so that it already contains some of the highly cationic oligomers of aluminum. These are materials especially effective for the amendment of colloidal charges in a papermaking product.

Applications of PAC Poly Aluminium Chloride

PAC Poly Aluminium Chloride Powder is used for several applications including the treatment of swimming pool water, drinking water and wastewater along with, the treatment of sewage and industrial wastes. It is also used comprehensively in the pulp and paper processing industry.

Some of the general poly aluminium chloride powder and solution uses are the removal of anionic colloidal impurities and settling of suspended materials. It is also used for the elimination of residual colour, to meet the discharge norms.

Different grades of PAC

The Poly Aluminium Chloride Exporters provide this product in several different grades with concentrations of aluminum between 9.5% and 18%. The concentration of aluminum is one of the considerations when selecting a grade of PAC to use. Commercially available PAC products are characterized by their degree of basification – like the concentration of hydroxyl groups (OH) relative to aluminium ions.

PAC products are available online in the range of 5%-65% basicity. As a common rule, the upper the basicity, the higher the polymer content would be. Thus it results in cationic charge density and efficiency. Higher basicity products have a lower aluminum content but are more competent in clarification of water like suspended solids removal.

Functions of PAC and its varieties:

To lift drainage rates particularly in neutral and alkaline papermaking,

To help with certain maintenance aid strategies, and

For nonaligned sizing with certain rosin-based suspension products.

PAC products of low (0 to 17%) and medium (17 to 50%) are commonly used in papermaking applications, whereas PAC powder with higher basicity is useful for water and wastewater treatment.

Where to get it from?

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As leading poly aluminium chloride powder supplier, some of the top names have achieved distinction in their trade endeavours.

Product Benefits they supply:

Superior quality poly-aluminium chloride (PAC)

Highly efficient coagulant

Low generation of waste sludge

Versatile can be used in a wide range of applications

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