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Basic Components Of Power Press

Posted by Admin on May, 21, 2019

A power press is one of the most useful tools in various industries for changing the shape or dimensions of a workpiece by applying extensive pressure on it. This machine has a rotating flywheel where the energy is stored to make the ram of the machine hit and impact the piece with the desired pressure. One can find a machine with different impact ranging from 100 to 1,000 kgs. There are two types of power press machines widely available in the market. One is the pillar-type press machine and the other is the C-type press machine. While the pillar type is fully automatic and works on hydraulic power, the C-type power press requires manual impact made by the people to work. The top power press manufacturer in Gujarat can offer these machines in both the automatic and manual type. Apart from that, there are a number of industrial power press exporter that offer these two power press machines in different global markets.

Basic Components of Power Press

Both types of power presses offer efficient operations because of the components that go into their making. Here are the major components:

Table & Slide

The table and slide in a press machine need to be made from high quality cast iron to ensure that they are able to withstand the impact of the machine on the workpiece. They should be perfectly aligned with each other so that the pressing leads to precise results.


Precision hobbing machines are used for making the gars of the press machines, These gears need to have precision teeth for the right shaping of the workpiece.


A pin or rolling key type features are present in the clutch of a press machine. The power press manufacturer in Gujarat ensures that this component is not just well-supported but also rigid. This component is essential to ensure that continuous strokes are made on the workpiece to boost productivity and save time.


Suitable cross ribbings are aligned with roller steel plates to make the strong frame of a press machine. These machines are fabricated using steel metal of the highest quality. The frames enable the pressing of up to 30 tons. There should be no strain on the frame and also eliminate any type of welds from the load support. The frame is also constructed using an interlocked design so that the entire frame has proper and sturdy support.


The flywheel is another very important component of a press machine, It is this component which stores all the energy in this machine and releasing the required amount at the regular time for smooth cutting.

Apart from these, there are other components in a press machine like the pinion shaft, crankshaft, rolling key clutch, etc., which make the press machine functional. If any of these components stop working or work improperly, the effect could be visibly seen on the entire working of the machine.

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